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by Ciro Discepolo


I discovered astrology at the age of 22, during my military service at the airport of Latina in 1970. I dipped into it immediately and with a great passion. I understood that the only way to learn astrology is not by studying dozens of books (which I actually did for many hours a day, yet). 
On the contrary, you have to practise it on the field; you have to meet hundreds of people and cast their natal charts; thus making mistakes and learning by mistakes. I don't think that there is any better way to learn astrology. Before meeting somebody I studied his/her chart for hours, dropping notes and wondering how he/she would look like; what would his/her character and cultural interests be, and so on. I eventually met the consulting person, whom in the great majority of cases I didn't know before, and my real study began after he/she had gone away. Then I reconsidered the whole trying to understand what I had mistaken, and why. Such training course was giving me good results and I noticed that, even if the path I was stepping into was boundless, every day I was advancing a little further.
Astrology had become my great passion; it had an even stronger charm on me than informatics – the other nourishment of my soul. But there was one thing that I wasn't able to accept and I couldn't stand at all: often I met people who were to face very hard transits and evidently dramatic situations – and I could do nothing for them! To hide them the truth? This was against my principles: I didn't want to deceive them. To tell them the truth – well I had to, but how? How could I face then their disappointment, their fears? That was the most impelling knotty problem I had to solve if I wanted to keep being an astrologer. During those years I also undertook my first Jungian psychoanalysis and I used to read loads of books on psychology. Very soon I got fascinated by the concept of "constellating a symbol" or, as I named it later on: "exorcization of a symbol".
In psychology to constellate means to activate, i.e. to bring something to life. Once I happened to read with an extraordinary interest the preface that Gianfranco Tedeschi, a Jungian psychoanalyst and a school founder in Italy, wrote to the Italian paperback edition of Jung's study on schizophrenia (Psicologia della schizofrenia, Newton Compton Italiana).

You'll read more about it a little further in this book; then you'll understand how this example can be considered the origin of a good portion of my practice of astrology, which consequently goes under the name of "exorcization of the symbol".

While I was greedily absorbing those readings I also studied the Solar Returns. From the very beginning I discovered that it was possible to change them, even in full, by simply being somewhere else on the day of your birthday. These two coincident discoveries lit a sparkle in me – the desire to follow a way, to try to make light, to check up on some possibilities. I had found a semi-hidden path and I was trying to light it up with a weak torch. That would be my future way. I would never leave it. I'm still trying to improve it every single day since then.

The Exorcization of Symbols and the Aimed Solar Returns are the foundation of my Active Astrology.

The Exorcization of Symbols

I'm sure that the more watchful readers and followers of astrology cannot ignore this current situation. We, the authors, are aligned essentially on three almost incompatible positions that eventually determine one's personal way of understanding and making astrology. The first, yet not the most important school claims that astrology is an instrument of knowledge of the human psyche and it doesn't allow the least prediction. Those who think so argue that Saturn and Uranus have nothing to do with John Smith even if John Smith is being robbed of all his goods the very same moment when these two planets cross the threshold of his natal 2nd House. It's the same as implying that transits, Solar Returns and primary directions are good for nothing.

The second sort or "school" of astrology fully admits the power of transits, to such an extent that it is considered useless to "apply yourself" because everything is already written in your natal chart; and no one can do anything against fate.

Finally, here comes the third school: those who think like me: i.e. that transits, Solar and Lunar Returns, and primary directions work faultlessly, but you have got the chance to antagonize these forces: i.e. to fight against them. Of course, all I wrote in my previous books – and above all in this one – has been borrowed partly from Tradition, partly from my master André Barbault's teachings. It also derives partly from the results of astrological research, partly from my personal experience of almost thirty years of activity; and partly from the personal way I have arranged those pieces of information together, amalgamating them with some aspects of Jungian knowledge, which has been conducting me since the beginning of my studies. I am sure that we can and we must try to weaken the negative transits and to strengthen the positive ones with all the means at our disposal. We can do it mainly with our own knowledge; with the enlightenment, which is the highest form of emancipation at our disposal. Secondarily, we can use the techniques that I have already described elsewhere and that I am about to complete here, in this synthetic work.

The main operation that I am going to describe is what I call the exorcization of the symbol, or if you prefer, the ritualization of the symbol.

"A miracle," was the cry of a great part of my students after reading the Italian translation of Schicksal als chance [Destiny as Choice] by Thorwald Dethlefsen, published in Italy by Ed. Mediterranee. Still, much of what my German colleague wrote had been published previously in my books over the last two decades, with the exception of the part about reincarnation – something I don't believe in at all.

Let's start from the beginning, by recalling the example that I have already reported in one of my writings, first described by the analytical psychologist Gianfranco Tedeschi in his preface to the Italian edition of Jung's study on schizophrenia (Psicologia della schizofrenia, Ed. Newton Compton Italiana). In his preface, Dr. Tedeschi talks about a Jewish student of medicine in Rome, who had started to manifest symptoms of mental dissociation years before: he had begun to behave like a priest of ancient Jerusalem. Dr. Tedeschi told him that he himself was a Jew too, thus they could celebrate the holy rites together on condition that they strictly followed the rules: fasting first of all; purifying themselves; wearing the right dresses; spreading incense; reading the original scriptures, etc. They did so for many months until the young man abruptly said, "All this is interesting, but – what do the Jews do today?" From then on, having regained interest for actuality, the young man was dismissed from hospital to begin his psychoanalysis with Dr. Tedeschi – who tells the reader that the young man recovered completely and eventually graduated in medicine. The doctor had constellated the symbolism that was pressing from inside the patient: this way the problem had been "exorcized".

Let us consider two further examples whose central characters are two female clients and good friends of mine. The first one is a university professor with a vast general culture and a good knowledge of psycho astrology. During a transit of Saturn over her natal Venus she was left by the man she loved. She felt such a devastating pain that in order to cope with it, in order to detain it somehow, she went into mourning and dressed in black for one whole year. To those who asked her the reason of such a choice she used to say, "I've lost my love." She went on for one year, exactly the same time required for Saturn to pass beyond her natal Venus; then she went out of mourning – back to normal life.

The second case is another lady professor as cultured and intelligent as the former. As the transit of Saturn on her natal Venus approached, she asked me what she could do to avoid losing her love. Her partner lived in a distant town; they met on a regular basis, say once every fortnight. I advised her to meet as rarely as possible, even further: not to meet at all during the entire coming year. They did so. Thus Saturn "was given" what it required: sentimental mortification, subtraction of loving enthusiasm, temporarily death of sentiment and sex. Then Saturn passed over and everything turned back the way it used to be.

In both cases we can say that the given procedure was to make the "ghost" act; i.e. what in psychoanalysis we could well define the "technique of restraining the field". In the case described by Dr. Tedeschi the principle of identification was employed too – a Jew was the student, and a Jew was the doctor. This procedure has been invented neither by me nor by Dr. Tedeschi or by Jung: it belongs to the rites of any religion; it can be applied very often with excellent results; and it can be compared to the principle of homeopathic medicine similia similibus curantur (the similar cures the similar).

Can we state that all the cases must be treated the same way? No. The above mentioned Thorwald Dethlefsen suggests to wear in black, to visit cemeteries, to meet grave people and so on, in order to cope with a transit of Saturn, say, on your natal Sun. But my personal experience and even the teachings of psychoanalysis don't agree on it. In fact, in many cases one must employ a prosthetic technique: i.e. a technique of compensation. Let me explain. Let's say that the one who copes with the mentioned transit of Saturn is a native Pisces whose Sun or Moon is afflicted by an aspect of Neptune. In this case we are before a psycho labile individual; an extremely fragile person; an emotional sponge who fully absorbs the atmosphere around him/her. It is not wise to advise such a person to read Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and/or to associate with sad people. On the contrary: we'll ask him/her to meet healthy happy people and very equilibrated persons; to watch amusing films such as the American comedies; to read Wodehouse's works all the time.For we must never think that everything has to be read, interpreted and developed in one direction only. Some people react better to allopathic medicine than to homeopathic; similarly we should use the exorcization of the symbol with the strongest individuals and the compensatory technique with the weakest ones. Sometimes the two principles can be melted. In the case of the fragile and vulnerable lady born under the Sign of Pisces, we'd advise her to find help in certain medicines used in psychiatry while spending a few months in a deeper solitude.

The basic principle of the exorcization of the symbol is the notion of sacrifice: exactly the same concept that thousands of years ago made the Greek pastors select and sacrifice the best lamb of their herd in order to contain Zeus' wrath. The bottom line is that you have to pay your due in the same analogical direction of the symbol, and in an expectedly adequate extent in order to discharge the transit. So if you are a female and Uranus transits on your natal Mars in the 5th House, it wouldn't be sufficient to have a dentist fill your cavity – but it would be expectedly enough to undertake an operation and have your some-year-old uterine fibroma removed.

The main piece of advice that I feel like giving to anyone is to "anticipate" the transits; to "offer the sacrifice" when the transit is about to arrive.

Another extraordinary instrument of self-defence in the critical periods – or at least a good way to strengthen the well-promising periods – is to use the Solar Returns in an "aimed" way. That is, to choose the most suitable astral situation to spend your birthday with: i.e. the best annual sky which the horoscope of your following year derives from. For many years I have been advising my clients to use this technique and I have tried it out myself several times – always obtaining excellent results.

I suggest considering the consulting client's general situation about one month before his/her birthday, i.e. when the previous year is coming to an end and the astrologer is adequately updated about the facts that characterized the astral map of his/her prior Return. On the other hand, one month before the birthday one has got time enough to organize even a very exotic journey.

My personal technique is to cast a dozen of Solar Returns maps ranging from Los Angeles to Tokyo scanning all over Europe. If none of them is suitable I explore some "extreme" territories such as Siberia, New Guinea or Easter Island. Farther in this book you'll find suggestions on the right way to proceed, based upon practical cases.

Solar Returns 

This is a topic my heart gets inflamed with, because of my significant and satisfactory experience in this field. Since 1970, i.e. my first year of studying astrology, I feel I am on the same spiritual wavelength with this technique. Such a "tuning" would not develop in a fideistic way, but on the base of my practical experience. Nowadays I wouldn't be able to analyse anybody's astral situation without considering at least three maps: the natal chart, the current Solar Return, and the SR map for the next year. Without the three maps the client's situation would appear "blind" to me. In my opinion, understanding the meaning and functioning of a Solar Return allows you to penetrate the secrets of one year of somebody's life; it makes you read the most important and sure events one is about to face during that 12-month period. My first master on Solar Returns was Alexander Volguine, whose fundamental work I asked and obtained to be translated into Italian by my publisher Armenia. Later on I abandoned Volguine's method for the reasons I explained in my Trattato pratico di Rivoluzioni solari, Blue Diamond Publisher. I believe that only few and clearly defined elements of the Solar Return chart need be considered, avoiding to burden its analysis with winding correspondences and analogical mutual links. I do believe that the elements to be considered primarily are the following ones:

- Where the cusp of the Ascendant of the Return map is within the Houses of the natal chart.

- Where the Sun of the Return map is within the Houses of the Return map.

- Where a stellium of the Return map is within the Houses of the Return map.

Then, but only after the above listed elements, one should also consider the planets in the Houses of the Return map, and a little – but very little – of everything else. I believe that not following these rules may lead you to serious oversights. The Solar Return is based on the principle of cycles. In nature we find, as an example, Circadian Rythms of about one day in which cockroaches sleep or are in activity; not to mention the almost monthly cycles of menstruation in women. Every year the Sun goes back exactly to the same natal position of a person's map and a new year begins for the native, carrying its own special features – the features marked by the native's Solar chart, which the astrologer casts for that moment and that place. According to some colleagues of mine, the Solar Return map should be cast for the native's birthplace, not for the one the native actually is in when the Return takes place. This is nonsense both from the theoretical and from the demonstrative point of view. 
You can read about that in my a.m. Trattato. In this chapter I would like to describe one only example that demonstrates the absurdity of my colleagues' view. Let us consider Mata Hari's astral situation. The well known Dutch spy was sentenced to death by the French Government during the WWI. I already exposed this case years ago asking my colleagues to comment on it: having received no remark at all I'm proposing it once again. The stunning spy-dancer-prostitute was born in Leeuwarden on the 7th of August 1876 at 1 p.m. We'll consider one episode of her life for its crystalline cleanness, whatever be the reconstruction that any of you can make of it. The astrologers claiming that Solar Returns are to be cast for the birthplace (instead of the actual place of station of that moment) shall commit themselves and cry aloud to persuade those who disagree. Let's see then. Before becoming a spion and a prostitute, Mata Hari, who was already an amazing dancer, had been married to an official, major MacLeod, who took her with him to Indonesia, precisely to Medan.

There in Medan destiny stroke her tremendously on the 27th of June 1899. A native servant poisoned her two sons. One of them, Norman, died after appalling sufferings. Hence we have got all the ideal conditions to make an accurate comparison. Mata Hari's date of birth is sure – all her horoscope confirms it; we know the precise date of the event we are talking about; and geographically speaking, Leeuwarden and Medan are very distant places.

So what do we observe in Mata Hari's Solar Return map of 1898-1899 drawn for her birthplace, Leeuwarden? Nothing, virtually nothing that may foretell her tragedy – starting from the SR Ascendant in her natal 4th House, which is miles away from the peak events we are examining. Then we see an empty, insignificant 5th House.

Let us consider what her SR map of 1898-99 tells us if we draw it for Medan, i.e. the place where the family actually was at the moment of the murder. In what natal House do you think the Ascendant of SR is? Precisely: in her natal 8th House. Weren't it enough, we also find Uranus in the 5th House while Mars and Pluto, the two dispositors of the 5th House, are conjunct in the 12th House. If they tell you that they still doubt, they simply lie. 

Aimed Solar Returns

I shaped this expression myself to indicate the possibility for whoever to go away on the day of his/her own anniversary in order to take advantage of a birthday astral situation better than the one they would experience if they remained on their own place of birth. In the January 1999 issue of the Italian magazine Sirio my colleague Grazia Bordoni published an anthology of declarations about the Aimed solar returns. At the end of the article my friend Grazia was sad to inform me that I had been the only one who expressed the confidence that Solar Return maps are to be cast for the place where you spend your birthday – not for your birthplace. 
Actually, this lent me a hand. In fact, when I began claiming it with conviction thirty-one years ago, I had to face the opposite, often fierce opinion of the overwhelming majority of my colleagues. They even derided me for this, harshly and openly criticizing my custom of suggesting Aimed Solar Returns to my clients. Later on, as my works were published in magazines and books, growing legions of readers embraced these studies, swelling the ranks of the persuaded followers of this technique; in order to do that, some of them even disobeyed precise orders of censorship of their own masters – my colleagues. Today an opinion poll would show that the "base", even those belonging to schools other than mine, believes – in the great majority of cases – in Solar Returns and in Aimed Solar Returns. 
On the other hand a growing number of Pharisees, who have repeatedly affirmed their own scepticism on this topic until the other day, has suddenly begun to assert that they have always been persuaded of the validity of ASR's; and that this matter is so evident that it is not even worth mentioning. This is the reason why I am particularly glad for the testimonials published on the a.m. issue of Sirio.

Why have I been the first one to embark on this kind of study with such a great fervour – at least compared to my colleagues? There are exactly two reasons. To study an Aimed Solar Return with all the pertinent charts and the calculation required to cast each of them, you must have adequate technical means at your disposal. In the early 1970s I already used tiny Hewlett-Packard pocket computers – the real programmable ancestors of Personal Computer. With the help of professionals on informatics, on such machines I elaborated programs that took full care of the long and laborious calculations necessary to SR's. 
Today's program Molriv of ASTRAL is one of those little jewels: it scans the entire terrestrial surface in a few minutes. The other reason that favoured me very much in the study of Aimed Solar Returns is that, differing from the times of Alexander Volguine, nowadays whoever wants to spend a birthday in New York City – now as well as twenty years ago – must not sell his/her own house away any longer, for you can afford it for less than 1,000,000 Italian Liras.

I have been "sending" hundreds of people (more than 25,000 individuals as on January 2013) to spend their birthdays abroad every year for 43 years. The balance I have drawn up is astonishingly positive, as you can read in my book Trattato pratico di Rivoluzioni solari, Blue Diamond Publisher. 

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For an almost complete bibliography of Ciro Discepolo:

The Two Fundamental Books in English:

Review of Georgiana Costescu

(The owner of Active Astrology in Bucharest, Romania) on

5.0 out of 5 stars
The Bible of Solar Return Astrology

June 21, 2011

By Georgiana Costescu

This review is from: Transits And Solar Returns; A New System of Analysis for Two Ancient Methods (Paperback)

This is definitely the Bible of Solar Return Astrology, pure essence of this field. One could read this book only and manage to understand what the Solar Return is and how it works. The information is very concentrated and stresses on the most important elements that should be regarded in a Solar Return chart. 

The genius of Ciro Discepolo consists first of all in his ability to extract the 33 essential rules of the Solar Return. No other astrologer before has ever had either the courage or the ability to even name a few DON'Ts that should be considered in making a Solar Return. 

All the previous work on this subject talks only about how the individual grows and evolves with every Solar Return that passes over, no matter if bad or good. Traditional Astrology doesn't care about the individual's agony through the carousel named "life". It is just fine with them to talk about "the great developmental cycle". We are tired of all this beating about the bush and pampering of the bad celestials or of the astrological aspects. 

Ciro Discepolo gives straight answers and directions. No doubt "Transits and Solar Returns" is a revolutionary book that highlights what should be truly considered in any Solar Return. From now on, we have the Guide that shows exactly which path to follow when we forecast and what is really important. There is no point in stressing on how a Mars in a fire sign could make our actions or activities more direct or energetic, since this Mars lies menacingly in the 12th house of the SR. Thus, we could expect to be robbed, attacked, injured in accidents, suffer complicated surgeries, etc. This is the great error of the Traditional Astrology: it concentrates too much on the details and looses the essential. Why should we fill pages on how a Solar Return Ascendant in Taurus makes us more practical, predictable, drawn to arts or willing to start a business, since it lies gloriously in the 12th house? It is like buying an ice-cream just for its color and not for its taste. 

The 33 rules presented in the book definitely are the pillar of Active Astrology. I noticed on blogs and in some reviews, that many argued about the most important rule of the Solar Return: 1st, 6th and 12th houses together with Mars are extremely damaging when highlighted. I have to confess that, after reading the book, I made all the Solar Return charts that me and my family had by now, just to see if it applies. I was amazed. The rule is very true. 

Ciro Discepolo clarifies that "Anytime we face a disgrace in our life, at least one of the 3 malefic houses (1st, 6th, 12th) is involved in the SR!" and not the other way round as it has been speculated (Anytime the 3 houses are involved, we face a disgrace). Well, to me, bad things happened every time I had Mars or the 3 houses highlighted. I even noticed that the disgrace and damage is even higher when at least 2 of the 3 malefic houses are empowered. 

I would like to give a few examples. In 1994, when I was 8 years old my parents gave me a cute little kitten as a pet. I loved her so much and played all day with her. One day of this horrific year, while I was playing, I mistakenly stepped over the little kitten's head and she died in my hands. All my tears and cries were not enough to help her. I was in shock for a few months after seeing the blood and dead body of my beloved friend. It was a terrible accident that marked me for life. Looking at the Solar Return chart, I see the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in the 6th house and the AS in the dreadful 12th house. Venus didn't have any benefic power and was not able to protect the 6th house of the pets, while facing the 2 bad sectors, 6th and 12th. 

Another example would be the death of my grandpa, my mother's father. My mother had a very serious argument with her father a few weeks before he died. She didn't speak to him anymore and couldn't forgive him for the things he had said. At the same time, he had suffered an ulcer surgery that weakened him a lot. He eventually ended up in hospital. She decided and went to see him, but with a casual attitude. The last image of her father alive was him staying at the window of the hospital and waving his hand to say goodbye. After grandpa died, she suffered a great shock and fell into depression. She didn't have the time to say "I forgive you, father". The image of her father waving his hand at the window of the hospital still appears now in her dreams and hunts her. She knew that his waving meant "I'm sorry", but she couldn't wave back at him. The AS of the year (2004) lied in her 12th house. Jupiter in the 1st house simply couldn't have the power to create a positive year. With all that, Traditional Astrology still argues that anytime Jupiter is in the 1st house, the year is benefic. To turn the page to another disputed rule, guess how my SR looked for 2004? The Sun was in my 1st house (burdensome year) and AS in the 4th (family). To complete, the AS of my sister was in the 11th house (mourning). 

I will give another example that proves the 1st house is a malefic sector in the SR. I was 14 when I was accused unjustly by some envious school mates, of placing chewing gum on the chair of a teacher. Even some colleagues that I considered friends of mine, lied and showed their hate towards me. A great pressure was unfairly put on me and had to bear a lot of malicious attitudes. It was a very treacherous year that marked my personality and development in a damaging way. I had a stellium in the 1st house of the SR, together with the Sun. 

I will end the list of examples with the story of a friend of mine. My friend had a very bad year in 2010. He confesses to have had in fact the worst year of his life: he was fired from work, his girlfriend left him, the owner of the apartment where he stayed with rent ended the contract and his beloved grandma which he loved and trusted even more than his parents, died. His grandma had raised him. His AS for that year was in the 10th natal house and the Sun formed a stellium with Mercury and Saturn in the 1st house of the SR. 

I have so many examples that prove the authenticity of the 33 rules. My examples only, would fill hundreds of pages. What I need to say, is that these awful years, somehow, expand their damaging influence over many years ahead and, sometimes, even manage to spoil the great things we achieve with many efforts during years. The evil events usually mark us so bad that we never recover. So, where is the evolution or the spiritual development that the Traditional Astrology is talking about? 

"Transits and Solar Returns" of Ciro Discepolo is a very precious book that needs to be read carefully. There is no need to judge the rules and try anxiously to repel them when it is obvious that they work perfectly. They are, after all, the scientific result of a lifetime research in practice, not just in theory. Time will prove that the Active Astrology practice is the only one able to offer straight answers and predictions for our future. This is just the beginning of this New Era of Astrology.




Review of Georgiana Costescu (The owner of Active Astrology in Bucharest, Romania) on

5.0 out of 5 stars
Why should we go for an Aimed Solar Return?
June 14, 2011

By Georgiana Costescu
This review is from: Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns: What you can do when you cannot leave (Volume 1) (Paperback)

I went to different astrologers to receive answers on my life and get cure for the problems that I faced. They all indicated with precision the problems that I had and offered only psychological counseling, like "try to be more flexible", "think positive", "concentrate" or "wait ten more years and maybe you will get what you are looking for". Others even comforted me with the karma: "I'm sorry for you, but now you are paying for the wrong things you did in a past life" or even menaced "Stop all these things that you are doing now or you will pay double in a future life". Tired of all these "pieces of advice", I decided to find somehow a different approach in Astrology. 

Luckily I discovered Ciro Discepolo's books on Solar Returns. This truly changed my outlook in life. His work on Solar Returns indicates exactly how to attain positive situations in life using Astrology. His book Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns shows in the purest way how to use the transits together with the Solar Returns in order to protect ourselves from the bad celestial influence and even achieve our goals in life. 

I discovered that it is in our power to change bad situations into positive ones. We only need to understand the meaning of the aspects and transits and act accordingly to their nature. Ciro Discepolo explains all these aspects in his book and offers many examples. It is easy and important to identify problems on a chart, but it is more important and vital to find real solutions to these problems, otherwise Astrology would be useless. Mending trough personal actions challenging celestial influence defines Active Astrology. The individual no longer waits for bad events to arrive, not even confronts them, but manages to avoid or even eliminate them. This is simply wonderful! 

This book, together with "Transits and Solar Returns", is a masterpiece of Astrology and the work of a genius. No one, until this point, has ever interpreted the Solar Returns and Transits this way before. This astrologer not only tells people how to get rid of forthcoming problems and disasters ("Transits and Solar Returns"), but also indicates, in this book, how to confront bad aspects and transits and manage to make it through. 

Ciro Discepolo writes in a very direct manner, the journalistic style, and this makes the information very accessible to the reader. Anyone can understand how transits and Solar Returns truly work by simply reading Ciro Discepolo's books. He brought Astrology close to people that want to make a difference in life by manipulating good or bad astrological aspects. 

Anyone should read this book, whether they are professional astrologers or regular people. "Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns" could be interpreted as a very strong and useful conclusion of a lifetime passionate research in the wonderful field of Astrology. Her author dedicated more than 40 years of his life studying hundreds of thousands of charts and doing researches on Solar Returns and transits, so this is 100% an authentic Astrology document. 

Ciro Discepolo started a new era of science in Astrology seen eyes wide opened. There is no longer place in the field of sciences for philosophical or metaphysical Astrology. Traditional philosophical Astrology can only be read as a very good piece of literature that enriches ones vocabulary, but is not able to empower people to forecast and ease their future. We need straight answers to our concerns and substantial solutions to our endeavors for a better life. Encouraging and nice words like "the Sun in the 12th house of the Solar Return will make you grow spiritually" won't stop the unpleasant events to take place. A Saturn will always bring difficult situations or will completely block ones actions, even with good aspects. So, it is useless to promise spiritual growth, maturity and stability just for the sake of optimism. 


5.0 out of 5 stars 
A professional's view
August 16, 2011
By Roy Kirkland "Roy"

(The owner of Active Astrology in Chicago, IL) 
(REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns (Kindle Edition)

I have been practicing astrology for a very long time, and generally avoid astrology books. When I discovered the work of Ciro Discepolo, and this book in particular, I was pleasantly shocked. Ciro's approach to working with clients is almost identical to my own. What I try to do with clients is to give them suggestions as to how to "ground out" or "discharge" the "difficult" planetary combinations. I have thought of hundreds of ways to help them do so, but Ciro probably has a hundred to every one I've thought of. Plus, he is the founder and foremost practitioner of "Aimed" return chart methodology in the world today. The clarity with which fundamental astrological principles shine through his writing is impressive, despite the translation. About that - if anyone has a hard time reading through the translation - study Hindu Astrology with the vow not to read a book written or co-written by a westerner on the subject. 

Anyway, I've studied, used and taught many techniques of astrology (Sidereal, Hellenistic, Tajika, and others) in the past. I find Ciro's methods of "Aimed Birthdays" and "Symbol Exorcism" to be simple, succinct, direct and useful. Some of the suggestions may appear to be difficult, but the inconvenience is far less painful than accepting the worst possibilities of a difficult Solar or Lunar Return. This is my indisputable observation. My experience proves that these methods work, and I have several decades of it. Some may think this is an old-fashioned view of astrology. I don't really care, because I'm into what works. I look at the indications of the horoscope as being multifaceted; there are good and bad possibilities in everything. Generally, the undesirable possibilities have a tendency to manifest themselves more easily in our lives; that's how life is. Most professional analysts and therapists will tell you the same thing using different language. With Active Astrology, we use the chart in such a way that we give the unwanted possibilities something else to do, so that we don't have to suffer their imposition in our affairs. 

I have written elsewhere that we have the fatalists and determinists of the past two or three thousand years to thank for coming up with reliable guidelines for quickly finding difficult astrological combinations. Mr. Discepolo's approach to "Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns" enables us to change our personal relationship to these combinations in order to moderate or antidote their worst possibilities. As opposed to the expensive and culturally dissonant "propitiatory" methods of Hindu Astrology (not to mention the almost indecipherable methods of "Lal Kitab"), the techniques of Active Astrology are almost universally applicable and produce startling results, without requiring a change in your belief system. And, more often than not, they are fun. 

I must admit that I am rather excited about this method. I am in the process of developing a website to give people easier access to this technique. This project has Mr. Discepolo's "benediction", and we do correspond with one another. I am also somewhat of a minimalist as far as my artistic taste goes, and Active Astrology appeals to me in this way too, because it uses a minimum of simple astrological technology, and puts the emphasis on the experience. You can't control the wind, but you can control the sails, and the Solar and Lunar return charts, as described in his books, are one heck of a well-seasoned crew that can help you get your ship of life where you want it to go. 



5.0 out of 5 stars 
Not for amateurs or the faint of heart
August 21, 2011
By Roy Kirkland "Roy" (The owner of Active Astrology in Chicago, IL) (REAL NAME) 

This review is from: Transits And Solar Returns; A New System of Analysis for Two Ancient Methods (Paperback)

This is an excellent compilation of Ciro Discepolo's research. In it, he clearly describes the principles of his "Active Astrology" method. In that I have been an astrological practitioner for many years, it's easy for me to see that his descriptions are based on sound astrological principles. For some the translation into English might be a little difficult, but untangling some of the idiomatic expressions and metaphors he uses can be a lot of fun, in fact, I find his writing as enjoyable as his overall concept.

What makes this particular book unique is the clear explanation of the basics of the system he works with. Starting with certain fundamental axioms about the structure of the Solar Return chart, he makes it clear that you can actively change this structure and therefore change the indications for the entire year. This is what could be called (in a mixture of modern and Elizabethan metaphors) "tweaking the accidental dignities." Although he uses many examples to show that this is a verifiable principle, he doesn't go deeply into methods other than "aimed" Solar Returns, or traveling to the location of the best possible chart, for moderating the effects of transits. He has written other books that cover the subject in greater depth; please see my review of Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns for more about this. He does remind the student over and over again that the effects of a given transit are subject to the quality of the Solar Return in which they fall, and that's really important to the way this method works.

The reason I titled this review "not for amateurs" is simple. Someone who has not worked with astrological charts and predictive methods could be frightened by some of what he says, and when emotions get involved, the basic principles go out the window. Adding more on timing transits would be helpful for beginners as well. These additions would make it easier for more excitable beginners to relax and enjoy the writing as much as I do.

One more thing - these charts are calculated in the tropical zodiac without precession. I learned a number of years ago that this type of chart (which I refused to use for a number of years because my involvement with sidereal techniques and methods) can actually be very accurate if you base your interpretation on the planets in the houses.

The Aimed Solar Return gives an entirely new perspective as to what to do with this type of chart. Again, others may find plenty to criticize about the book, but I found it very enjoyable reading. I'm actually on my 3rd copy now, and still having fun with it. Aiming the Solar Return and "Exorcism of the Symbol" work. Period. This is a great book if you're interested in learning to use astrology in a proactive and preemptive way.


My comment on

Tomorrow, on my blog, I will write this news that is a world preview: Roy Kirkland is the owner of the detached section of Active Astrology in Chicago starting today, with my "benediction". I am certain that he will know how to spread well the verb of this school because he has already tried her rules on a lot of people and he has gotten exceptional results!

He could be the first one of a long series of owners of as many detached sections of Active Astrology in USA and in the whole world. Many wishes to the American colleague.

Ciro Discepolo
Napoli, August 21th 2011
From my blog of August 21th 2011


The First Foreign Section of Active Astrology Was Born in Chicago!
And it is driven by the colleague Roy Kirkland
( and 

As you can read in the two reviews written by him on Amazon and commented by me, he has read my fundamental books, has immediately realized that the system could work, has used it with a lot of people and the results into practice have been exceptional! Some clients and friends of his have suggested him, then, to open one sections detached of Active Astrology, to Chicago. Roy has written me and I have immediately understood that he was spreading well the 33 rules and he was transmitting the techniques of the Aimed Solar Returns, of the Aimed Lunar Returns and of the "Symbol Exorcism" in thousands of potential users of this school. Then I have immediately commented his two reviews and I have "blessed" this inauguration like her before a long series. 
Every day that passes the Active Astrology picks up many other students and users and he cannot satisfy all of our American cousins. Then the other colleagues of Dallas, of Berkley, of New York, of Minneapolis, of Oshkosh, of Vancouver, of San Paolo, of Buenos Aires, of Capetown, of Shanghai, of Moscow, of Melbourne, of Ibiza, of Paris, of Mexico City of Lecce and of thousand of other cities of the whole world can contact me for "to baptize" so many other sections detached of Active Astrology. I travel a lot, as you know, and therefore I will physically approach sooner or later also me in these sections for some lectures or for some seminars, welcomed by the "landlord" that, in our case, is the good Roy Kirkland first foreign owner of our beloved discipline. 
Many wishes to Roy Kirkland! 
Ciro Discepolo

P.S. In my website, in construction,, I will write the names, the email, the phones of the next owners of these detached sections of Active Astrology.

The New Owner of the Detached Sections Of Active Astrology in the Whole World:
For Mexico City (Mexico D.F.):

Eugenio Ricci

For Torino:

Danila Madau Perra is specialized in Oriental Studies and in various Yoga schools following a scientific education at the Polytechnic University of Turin.
She studied Astrology, in particular at the Active Astrology School of Ciro Discepolo.
She is the co-author, with Ciro Discepolo, of the book EVALUATE YOUR SINASTRY, in English (2011, published by Ricerca90).
She is the Owner of Active Astrology for Turin and its Province. She studies and practices Focused Solar and Lunar Revolutions, travelling worldwide.
She is a Yoga Educator and Master at AIRONE HOLOS and the international organization JNANA MARGA®, consultant in Personal Growth (CONOSCI TE STESSO® - Know Yourself) and in Astrology (ASTROLOGIA E TALENTI® - Astrology and Talents).
Moreover, she teaches courses, seminars and delivers lectures to professionals and companies under the brand ARMONIA DI UNO STAFF® (Harmony of a Team).
She has created a special teaching method for educators, teachers, counselors and therapists, which she is promoting in Italy and abroad.

Danila Madau Perra, dalla formazione scientifica presso il Politecnico di Torino, si è specializzata in discipline orientali in varie scuole di Yoga e ha studiato Astrologia, in particolare presso la scuola di Astrologia Attiva di Ciro Discepolo.
E' coautrice, insieme a Ciro Discepolo, del libro in lingua inglese EVALUATE YOUR SINASTRY (2011, ed. Ricerca90).
E' Owner di Astrologia Attiva per Torino e provincia.
Studia e pratica le Rivoluzioni solari e lunari mirate viaggiando in tutto il mondo.
E' formatrice e Maestra Yoga presso l'associazione AIRONE HOLOS e l'organizzazione internazionale JNANA MARGA®.
E' consulente di Crescita personale (CONOSCI TE STESSO®) e di Astrologia (ASTROLOGIA E TALENTI®), inoltre tiene corsi, seminari formativi e conferenze per professionisti e aziende sotto il marchio ARMONIA DI UNO STAFF®.
E' ideatrice di un particolare metodo didattico dedicato a formatori, insegnanti, counselor e terapisti, che sta diffondendo in Italia e all'estero.

For Tel Aviv:

Mordecai Greenberg, Born in 1951 I was always much of an autodidact, although I studied History & Philosophy (Hebrew U in Jerusalem) and graduate studies in drama & theatre (as a theatre director) at York U in Toronto, Canada. I worked and directed on stages in Toronto, New York and tel Aviv. In 1985 I did a complete change and started designing and manufacturing (autodidact!) "artistic" fashion for women that had some international success. The next shift occured when my only son was born and was wounded when he was 10 month old in 1995. as of 1997 for my son's sake I moved to work from home writing and translating.
I was always curious about Astrology, occultism and healing and i felt there some sort of natural affinity but never felt the need to go any deeper. Only on my birthday in 1999 I had an inner urge to learn more about my life direction through Astrology. Ever since i kept making contacts with known astrologers locally and in the United States and my fascination with Astrlogy grew each day though I was never really satisfied... coming across Ciro's school of thought have released in me a huge bank of knowledge that was waiting for the right key to open all I gathered within... in a way Ciro and Active Astrology have brought me home where I felt immediately connected in a very deep way. That is to say that my interest in Activ Astrolgy grows every day.

Mordecai Greenberg

For Udine:

Alessandro Franchi, born in 1968, has a degree in economics and some postgraduate international specializations, either in economy and engineering. As a strong passionate for everything concerning psychology and the nature of the human being, his interest in astrology emerged in 1998, after reading some books on Jung’s analytical psychology. At the time of his first ASR, in 2004, he met Ciro Discepolo and his school of active astrology wich has embraced since the beginning. Phone +39 380 1371397
For Varese, Come, Lugano:

Luigi Galli was born in Milan in 1946; for several years he worked for the Corriere della Sera. He has been interested in astrology since 1977; since the mid 80’s he’s been dealing with Solar Returns. He is convinced that in astrology everything can be said as well as its contrary; he is therefore against any form of ‘chattered’ astrology. He’s passionately fond of geographic research. Together with Ciro Discepolo, he owns a webpage on the homepage of Ricerca ’90 ( which is addressed to those who practice the ASR’s to help them solve the different problems connected with a displacement, giving them useful information places. On the quarterly issue Ricerca ’90 he actively collaborates with a regular feature aimed to point at new hypotheses of relocation for the students of this subject, in an attempt of exploiting the potentiality of geographic displacement at their best. Together with Ciro Discepolo he’s the co-author of the book “Supporto tecnico alla pratica delle Rivoluzioni solari mirate”, published by Blue Diamond, Milan.for their journeys all over the world, even to the most remote places. On the quarterly issue Ricerca ’90 he actively collaborates with a regular feature aimed to point at new hypotheses of relocation for the students of this subject, in an attempt of exploiting the potentiality of geographic displacement at their best. Together with Ciro Discepolo he’s the co-author of the book “Supporto tecnico alla pratica delle Rivoluzioni solari mirate”, published by Blue Diamond, Milan.

Gallarate Sempione - Varese

For Casalmaggiore and Cremona:

Born in 1962, Luciano Drusetta has been an independent astrological counsellor to individuals, couples and businesses for almost thirty years. After experimenting different schools of Astrology and a wide range of methods and techniques, in the late ’90s he resolved to embrace the Active Astrology. He has been following Discepolo’s school since then.
A professional translator, he has translated several works of Ciro Discepolo into Spanish and, together with Ram Ramakrishnan, into English.
Developing an early intuition of Massimo Frisari, Luciano Drusetta has organized a set of absolutely innovative rules that allow to cast horoscopes for the individuals who will be born out of the planet Earth, called Extraterrestrial Astrology. A special branch of it, the Orbital Astrology explains how to cast the chart of Solar Returns of the growing number of astronauts who happen to celebrate their birthday orbiting in the outer space.
Luciano Drusetta is the founder and current administrator of two groups of astrological discussion and information in Italian language on the Web, both named it.discussioni.astrologia (one on Usenet and one on Facebook). He is currently working on opening another virtual group of contact and interchange among professional astrologers who speak Spanish. He occasionally collaborates with astrological magazines and websites with his original writings, usually explaining the basics of the astronomical and geographical foundations, as well as the epistemological implications of Astrology.
Luciano invites you to visit his website at and to follow his blog at where you can also interact and exchange views with him in Italian, Spanish, English, and Hungarian language.


Nota aggiuntiva di Maggio 2016. Luciano Drusetta, in un articolo pubblicato sul periodico Sestile, numero 211 (Aprile 2016), da parte del CIDA di cui il Drusetta è un membro certificato, informa gli interessati che, contrariamente al passato, oggi lui applica “patch correttive” alla scuola di Ciro Discepolo quando fa consulti per persone che lo cercano per questo scopo.

La patch correttiva più importante è quella di non ritenere più le Rivoluzioni Solari assai più potenti dei transiti, ma l’inverso. Ciò, naturalmente, stravolge totalmente gli assunti dell’Astrologia Attiva di Ciro Discepolo perché ne consegue che, se così fosse, sarebbe del tutto inutile o poco produttivo spostarsi per il compleanno mirato. E infatti Drusetta ammette di consigliare solo in certe occasioni la RSM. NdR.

For Roma:

Paola Scalamogna Torres born in Milan, 26.XI.1950  03,12 A.M.
After receiving Classical Education I attended undergraduate degree in Law without thesis discussing due to a lack of time as already working their current tax adviser.
I always had a deep interest in Western and Eastern philosophy, for the latter attending courses on cultural and practical advanced yoga-class.
I am interested in psychology, esotericism, archeology, religion, astronomy, until I came across the study of astrology.
At this rate, my introspective research, based on fragile and unprovable assumptions, takes concrete form and shape, by identifying the relationship between the stars and my little being who day after day suffer their teachings.
In this apparent state of helplessness, just through the study of Active Astrology, wonderfully exposed by Professor Ciro Discepolo, who has dedicated his life to discover the mysterious mechanisms that regulate it, I was able to frame in terms of space-time concept, a sense of free will and intuit a possible way to overcome the limits of my existence here now or elsewhere, so evolutionarily better or worse.
A deep thanks to the Master Discepolo, who allowed me to leave my own spiritual labirynth to see the true light of the Stars.

Paola Scalamogna Torres, nata il 26.11.1950 a Milano ore 03,12
Conseguita la maturità classica ho frequentato il corso di laurea in Giurisprudenza senza discutere la tesi per mancanza di tempo, poiché già svolgevo l'attuale attività di consulente fiscale.
Ho sempre nutrito un profondo interesse per la filosofia occidentale ed orientale, frequentando per quest'ultima corsi di approfondimento Yoga di altissimo livello culturale e pratico; mi sono interessata di psicologia, esoterismo, archeologia, religioni, astronomia, fino ad imbattermi nello studio dell'Astrologia.
A questo punto la ricerca introspettiva del mio io, basata su supposizioni fragili ed indimostrabili, assume concretezza e forma, grazie all'identificazione del rapporto tra gli astri ed il mio piccolo essere che giorno dopo giorno ne subisce gli insegnamenti.
In questo apparente stato di impotenza, proprio attraverso lo studio dell'Astrologia Attiva, meravigliosamente esposta dal Prof. Ciro Discepolo, che ha dedicato la sua vita alla scoperta dei misteriosi meccanismi che la regolano, mi è stato possibile inquadrare in termini spazio-temporali il concetto di libero arbitrio ed intuire un possibile modo per superare i limiti del mio esistere qui ora od altrove, in modo evolutivamente migliore o peggiore.
Un profondo grazie al Maestro Discepolo che mi ha permesso di uscire dal mio labirinto per vedere la vera luce delle stelle.


For Bucharest:

Georgiana Costescu
I was born in 1986 and discovered my passion for Astrology in 1999 when I was 13 years old. Since then, I have started working on case studies and developed my interests in this field progressively, reading almost everything related to this field.
I have been studying Solar Returns since 2003 and embraced the Active Astrology School in the late 2010. My other main interests are music, communication and foreign languages. Classical and modern music became an interest since 1993 (graduated different schools of music). I also obtained a Diploma in Communication and Public Relations and specialized in Advertising (Master Degree).
My belief is that Astrology, used wisely, can help people achieve their goals and protect themselves from unexpected hindrances. This is the reason for which I pursue this field with dedication. Medical Astrology is also a field of interest for me and guide for my daily life. I do believe that real Astrology can rely mainly on case studies. Theoretical points of view are insufficient and sometimes unable to give straight answers.


For Dublin:

Stefano Meriggi
Mi chiamo Stefano Meriggi e ho iniziato ad appassionarmi all’ astrologia dai primi anni ‘90 quasi per hobby. In seguito la passione per questa disciplina e’ cresciuta sempre di piu’ fino a diventare una vera e propria professione. Ho praticamente iniziato da autodidatta leggendo il voluminoso Sementovski Kurilo prima e i libri di Ciro Discepolo e Lisa Morpurgo poi, oltre a i principali autori stranieri. Il mio approccio all’astrologia e’ psicologico e pratico al tempo stesso. Seguo e applico da diversi anni i principi dell’ Astrologia Attiva di Ciro Discepolo di cui ho frequentato diversi convegni e sulla cui rivistaRicerca ’90 ho scritto alcuni articoli.


My name is Stefano Meriggi and I live and work in Dublin. My interest for Astrology started at the beginning of the 90s almost as an hobby. Later on the passion for this subject has grown up to become a real profession. I have basically started as a self taught,  reading various books from Italian and international writers. My attitude to astrology is psychological and practical at the same time. I follow the school of Active Astrology founded by Ciro Discepolo, the most expert astrologer in Aimed Solar Returns, whose seminars I attended.  I have started  my own website  www.  since September 2012. I can offer consultations on Birth  Charts, Solar Returns, Transits, Astrocartography and Synastry . I can be contacted by Facebook, Twitter and  by my e-mail which is



For Bologna:

Alfio Strano was born in Catania on November 27th 1961. Since 1983 he studied and practiced astrology with a focus on treating the focusing particularly on its psychological aspect. Thanks to a detailed study of several texts, he has developed, over the years, his own ideas on the matter “astrology” and his own personal technique exposed in his book “ATTRAVERSO GLI OCCHI DI VENERE” (Inedition, 2005 also available on line). He considers Ciro Discepolo his first and most important master. Alfio lives and works in Bologna since 1981. He practices “active astrology”.

Alfio Strano è nato in provincia di Catania il 27/11/1961. Vive e lavora a Bologna dal 1981. Dal 1983 grazie allo studio di numerosi testi di astrologia, mostra particolare interesse per il settore , soprattutto da un punto di vista psicologico. Pur avendo sviluppato negli anni idee proprie, considera Ciro Discepolo il suo vero maestro nella disciplina. Nell’arco di tutti questi anni di studio ha messo a punto una sua tecnica esposta nel suo libro “ATTRAVERSO GLI OCCHI DI VENERE” pubblicato nel 2005 per la INEDITION (reperibile online). Da alcuni anni tiene a Bologna corsi di astrologia. Pratica l’astrologia attiva.




For Imperia:

Roby Casbarra, Born in 1974, he became interested in astrology since the age of 13 years, a few years later by chance, encounters and buy an early edition of the Guide to'Astrology of Ciro Discepolo and begins a long journey of study and analysis that led him to embrace the 'active astrology realizing that was a powerful tool that can significantly improve our lives.
He graduated as an expert of Commerce is currently commercial manager of a tour operator which is responsible for the selection and quality control of the hotels sold, is traveling much deep knowledge of the various countries of the world and especially the culture of Southeast Asia.

Roby Casbarra
Via Galileo Galilei 267
18038 San Remo IM
Tel 347 9575366


For Brindisi:


Giuseppe Al Rami Galeota was born in 1975, by artistic training at the Art Institute of Monopoly, is a master of art. He attended the university faculty for the cinema and the show in Turin. He has participated in theater and films for cinema and TV.
He studies astrology since 1996 through the most important texts of ancient and contemporary authors, but from the beginning has found particular interest in the texts of Ciro Discepolo. He is student at the Ciro Discepolo's School, is studing and practing Active Astrology through the Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns, and the technique of exorcism of the symbol.
He is interested in logic, psychology and quantum physics to incorporate astrology. He writes articles about astrology in his blogs and newspapers of his city.
He has worked in southern Italy important television, and entertains the public with knowledge of astrology and horoscopes
He published the novel "Non sarà una bolla di sapone", Albatros Publisher.


For Pesaro and Urbino:

Ludovico Bramanti, born in Florence in 1959, is a musician and astrologer.
He graduated with honours in piano, at the Conservatory of Ferrara, and in musicology at the University of Pisa.
He held numerous concerts in Italy and abroad and still works as a musicologist and in the field of lyric opera management. He teaches piano at the Conservatory “Rossini” of Pesaro , where he lives.
Since about thirty years he is interested in astrology, studying all different branches of this discipline, showing since the beginning a great interest in the books of André Barbault and Ciro Discepolo. After his first meeting with Ciro Discepolo fifteen years ago and having experimented his first ASR, he studies and practises Active Astrology.

Ludovico Bramanti, nato a Firenze nel 1959, è musicista e astrologo. 
Ha compiuto studi umanistici e musicali diplomandosi in pianoforte, con lode, al Conservatorio di Ferrara e laureandosi in Lettere, con lode, all’Università di Pisa, con una tesi in Storia della musica. 
Ha svolto attività concertistica in Italia e all’estero, attività musicologica e attività organizzativa nel settore del teatro lirico; inoltre è titolare di una cattedra di pianoforte al Conservatorio “Rossini” di Pesaro, città nella quale vive. 
Da circa trent’anni si occupa di astrologia, interessandosi a tutte le diverse branche della disciplina, ma scoprendo fin dall’inizio un interesse particolare per i libri di André Barbault e di Ciro Discepolo. Da quindici anni, dopo aver conosciuto Ciro Discepolo e sperimentato la prima ASR, studia e pratica l’Astrologia Attiva. 



For Barcelona:

Gabriella Napolitano, born in Naples on June, 3rd 1972, lives currently in Barcelona, Spain, where she combines her studies of Astrology with working as freelance photographer and sales representative.
Graduated in optics and optometry, she worked in Milan as reporter and cinematographer.
Her great passion for politics, lead her in 1994-1997 to hold office as common council.
At the age of 16 she starts her studies in Astrology following the school of Andrè Barboult and forging her knowledge through the school, his books and research of Ciro Discepolo.
She practices Active Astrology and the techniques of aimed solar returns since 20 years, unifying her love for the Arts of Urania with her love for travelling and photography.


For London:

Pasquale Iacuvelle, born in Naples, Italy, on 13/07/1975 at about 10,06 am.
He attended the Technical and Industrial Institute "Alessandro Volta", worked in the field of clothing distribution, numismatics, catering, etc.
He started to travel for work and passion after his teenage through England, Denmark and America.
Nowadays he manages a Coffee Shop nearby Enfield (London, UK) where he resides.
He is attracted by human subjects: psychology, phylosophy, chemestry, esoterism, art, music, religions, quantum physics, Reiki and whatever goes beyond.
Researcher in Astrology since the year 2000, lover of the former and especially of the RS-RL to which he has been lethally attracted since 2003 thanks to enlightening texts by Ciro Discepolo.
He is convinced that Astrology studied with passion together with other subjects is an excellent tool to know ourselves and the others.
The first years of studying Astrology very so rich and passionate that they shifted all the previous priorities to a lower level.
He confidently holds that this subject together with other subjects can take us forward in terms of deeply knowing the "human" Universe.

He has held several meetings concerning Astrology, in particular about AA in the YMCA Parthenope ONLUS premises of Poggio Mirteto and at the Umaniter Institute of Naples.

He is available also for astrological consultations in Naples.

0044 7891976621
0039 3312485943


For Thailand and Rimini:


Angelo Lenci
Born in January 1959 in Turin, since 14 years his grandmother gave him a passion for Astrology and Tarot reading. Finished his business studies, accountancy, he moved in 1984 to work in Rimini.
It is considered a citizen of the world and for him the borders do not exist, but there is no skin color or race, but consider the essence of individuality.
In those years, bought the book on Volguine R. S. and books of Master Discepolo, his first RS was in 1988, Hong Kong, then there were many other. To ensure the validity of R.S. targeted a number of years did not, committing serious mistakes, which now does not commit more!!
In thieese last 2 years has practiced the RL by checking on his skin the validity of studies of Master Ciro Discepolo.
A lover of religion, has deepened in La Habana, Cuba's Afro-Cuban traditions; he loves the theme of free thought and Free-Masonery.
A scholar of Renaissance Astrology, and Talismanic Astrology, he is fan of Marsilio Ficino and Giordano Bruno.
Currently, for personal reasons is going back and forth to Thailand, including Chiang Mai and Pattaya to deepen the theme "Buddhist and Eastern Astrology". He has contacts with Buddhist monks who share the full speech can change their destiny with RS targeted.

00393280938500 ITALIA
0066892507721 THAILANDIA


For Milano:

Marco Celada è nato a Varese nel 1959 (Bilancia con Ascendente Scorpione) è laureato in Fisica Cibernetica. Si occupa di Astrologia dal 1992 dove si è formato alla scuola di Ciro Discepolo; pratica l’Astrologia Attiva.
E’ disponibile per Incontri, Conferenze, Consulenze e Corsi individuali e di gruppo. Contattate lo studio di “Astrologia Attiva” tramite l’apposito form nella sezione contatti.
Per i Consulti è possibile richiedere studi personalizzati ed alcuni esempi di consulti sono riportati nelle sezioni leggibili dalla Home Page di questo sito; lo studio della ‘Rivoluzione Solare’ può essere richiesto per la località dove si risiederà il giorno del compleanno ma verrà comunque fornito il luogo ideale per trascorrere questa importante giornata.
Per lo studio “Astrocartografico” verrà fornita la mappa con tutte le località ideali; lo studio verrà inviato via e-mail oppure spedito all’indirizzo ricevuto; è possibile richiedere anche un’incontro.



For Catania we have two Owners:


Antonella Principato
Via Forlanini 22
95014 Giarre (CT)

I was born in Moncalieri (Turin) on 21/01/1963.
After graduating at High school specializing in education, I studied acting, diction and 
body expression for 6 years at the Training Centre Theatre MassimoScaglione of Teatro Nuovo of Turin.
In1986 I moved to Catania (Sicily), where I live since 25 years.
I work since 1987 in a building firm in charge of administration and sales.
I started to get interested in astrology when I was 14, and since thenI have ever studied in more detail.
In particular, after having known great masters such as AndréBarbault and Ciro Discepolo, now I am dealing with Active Astrology.
From an early age I became interested in parapsychology, yoga, and I followed in particular Reiki, where I got Level 2.


Filippo Panascì

Nationality: Italian, Date of birth: 1947, october 16, Place of birth: Catania

TECHNICAL EDUCATION : 1 High School Degree : "Industrial Electronics"; 2 Master: "Advanced technologies and applications in the field of Physics" issued by Center for Nuclear Physics and Structure of Matter; 3 Specialization in accelerators in the field of Nuclear Physics: "Tandem-Van de Graaf accelerator";  "Superconducting Cyclotron"; "Advanced Course of vacuum" issued by  Varian Vacuum Technologies; 4 Advanced Course Lab VIEW graphical programming (issued by National Instruments); - many other specializations in the field of Physics Electrostatics

MUSIC EDUCATION: 5 High School Degree : "Harmony & Voice learning" ; 6 Music Arranger (Barclays Scool, Dave Grove Teacher); 7 Specialization in Classical Guitar

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Italian (native speakers); English (Intermediate level); French (Intermediate level)

WORK EXPERIENCE UNIVERSITY: He currently works C/0 LNS-INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics)
Responsible: Automation and Control-Tandem Van de Graaf accelerator;  Low Energy Bounger Superconducting Cyclotron; Transport of ionizing beams with electronic accelerator, and facility production of unstable beams.
Different positions in his work: - Representative for the safety of workers;  Referent the Director for Vocational Training courses.

WORK EXPERIENCE, IN MUSIC: By the age of 17 years he played with musical groups. establishing itself in the field.
Member of the band: i "Beans". He has had several successes discographic in Italy, Canada, South America and parts of Europe (Spain-Germany-France)
He has participated in several National Television Shows: (Sanremo Festival, Domenica In, etc. ..)
He has collaborated with great Italian artists such as: Baudo, Gianni Bella,Giuny Russo, etc. ..

He began to study from 1977 to 1988. He studied in many texts of Astrologers: (Hadè, Barbault, Muchery, Volguine, Gouchon etc. ..)

Ceases to follow astrology, because the methods to deal with the events of were not satisfactory.

In 2008, was reborn love for astrology. He visited the web-site of Ciro Discepolo to understanding that the Active Astrology,  gives the answer that has long sought: "how to improve the quality of life" through the ASR and the exorcism of the planetary symbols. He studies on all the books of Ciro Discepolo. He has the complete Package-Software to calculate the ASR and ALR.
The Active Astrology? it's fine !


For Latina:

Nicola Massimo Pavia

Mi chiamo Nicola Massimo Pavia, sono nato a Pantelleria, ho 36 anni, da sempre appassionato di Astrologia, ho cominciato a studiarla in maniera approfondita fin dal 1990 con interesse sempre crescente fino a farla diventare nel 2000, un vero e pro-prio lavoro a tempo pieno, mi occupo in particolare di Astrologia Attiva, dopo essere venuto a conoscenza degli studi di Andrè Barbault (non sull'AA, NdR) e di Ciro Discepolo; attualmente vivo in provincia di Latina dove ho uno Studio astrologico; ho collaborato e collaboro tuttora con dei periodici e delle emittenti radiofoniche locali dove curo la parte astrologica.

Sito web:

My name is Nicola Massimo Pavia, I was born in Pantelleria and I am 36 years old. I have always been passionate about as-trology, I began to study it in depth since 1990 with growing in-terest, in 2000 astrology has become a real job full-time; I am in-terested in particular of Active Astrology, after reading the texts of André Barbault (not about AA) and Ciro Discepolo. Currently I live in the province of Latina, where I have an astrological study, I worked and still collaborate with magazines and radio stations where I take care astrological sector.


For Gorizia e Trieste:

Luciana de’ Leoni d’ Asparedo è nata a Napoli il 27/6/1954 alle 8.16.

L’incontro con l’astrologia avviene negli anni ’70, quando partecipa ad un ciclo di lezioni tenute da Ciro Discepolo a Fuorigrotta, Napoli. Si appassiona alla interpretazione del Tema natale e legge autori come Discepolo, Morpurgo, Barbault, Volguine,Rudhyar, Senard, Gauquelin, Sasportas, Sementowsky, Arroyo, Greene, ecc. La scelta di studi cade su Barbault, le sue teorie sulla dominante e su Discepolo, con la sua impostazione pratica. Inizio anni ’90 si trasferisce in Friuli, dove vive tuttora. Sceglie di specializzarsi in Floriterapia di Bach e frequenta un corso a Mount Vernon, nella sede in Inghilterra. Affianca altra formazione con il Prof. Angelo Rossi Toson, del quale segue corsi di Analisi Transazionale, Programmazione Neurolinguistica, Leadership Situazionale. Perfeziona gli studi con la Laurea in Scienze della Comunicazione presso la facoltà di Trieste con una tesi dal titolo: “Semeiotica della Comunicazione Saturno-Luna in Analisi Transazionale”. Frequenta vari corsi di Naturopatia ed Aromaterapia e partecipa agli incontri di Vico Equense e Budapest, organizzati da Discepolo, con articoli su “Astrologia ed Analisi Transazionale” e “Transiti dei pianeti e fiori di Bach” argomento sul quale sta preparando un libro. Viaggia molto, al seguito di organizzazioni umanitarie, trascorrendo periodi in Africa, Indonesia e Stati Uniti.

L’incontro con le realtà estreme la predispone all’approccio umano. Pratica l’Astrologia Attiva con esorcizzazione del simbolo e viaggi mirati. Approfondisce il Tema Natale su basi umanistiche, consiglia e prepara i rimedi floreali di Bach secondo cosignificanze di simbolismi con Astrologia Attiva, Transiti planetari e personalità. Parla correntemente inglese, discretamente francese e tedesco ed a tuttora sta studiando russo.

Hobbies: scacchi, musica e cucinare per gli amici per serate conviviali. Riceve per consulenze in studio.



Luciana de Leoni was born in Naples on 27/06/1954 at 8.16 a.m.

Luciana’s first encounter with astrology was in the seventies when she attended a cycle of lessons held by Ciro Discepolo at Fuorigrotta near Naples. She became particularly interested in the Interpretation of the Birth Chart, she read authors such as: Discepolo, Morpurgo, Barbault, Volguine,Rudhyar, Senard, Gauquelin, Sasportas, Sementowsky, Arroyo, Greene, ecc. She decided to concentrate her studies on Barbault and his theories on the dominant and on Discepolo because of his practical outlook. At the beginning of the nineties she moved to Friuli, in northern Italy, where she still lives.

She specialized in Bach flowers therapy attending a course at the Mount Vernon English Branch. With Professor Angelo Rossi Toson she followed studies in Transactional Analysis, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Situational Leadership.

She improved on her studies by obtaining a degree on the Science of Communication at the University of Trieste discussing a thesis whose title was “ The Semiotics of Communication between Saturn and Moon in Transactional Analysis”. She attended also various courses in Naturopathy and Aromateraphy and took part in meetings organized by Discepolo in Vico Equense and Budapest presenting papers on Astrology and Transactional Analysis and “ Transits of planets and Bach’s flowers therapy” on which subject she is writing a book. Luciana travels extensively and supports various relief agencies, for this reason she spent time in Africa, Indonesia and United States.

She feels that, because of the very difficult human situation she faced, she has a deeper understanding of people’s lives. She practices Active Astrology using symbols exorcism and aimed solar and lunar returns. She gives advice and prepares  Bach’s flowers remedies, always keeping in mind Active astrology, Planetary transits and a person’s temperament.

Luciana speaks English fluently, French and German reasonably well and now she is learning Russian.

Her hobbies are: chess, music and cooking for friends.

She sees people by appointment in her study.



For Palermo:

Filippo Balistreri

Filippo Balistreri, born in Palermo in 1955, attended and graduated at a College of Science. Today, he works in the pharmaceutical distribution and business.
Interests: films, music and photography.
Stanley Kubrick, Ingrid Bergman and Luis Bunuel are his favorite directors.
H. Von Karajan is the conductor he likes the most.
Filippo has been keen on astrology for thirty years, now and N. Sementosvky-Kurillo is the author that inspired him during the early years of his studies. He has been studying and practicing the active astrology for fifteen years at Ciro Discepolo’s school; he thinks he wouldn’t do without this astrology centre since this activity requires a high level acknowledge.


For Siracusa:

Sebastiano Leonardi

Sebastiano Leonardi nasce nel 1959 a Catania e vive a Siracusa.

Appassionato fin dalla più tenera età di materie tecnico-scientifiche. “Scopre” l'astrologia all'età di 20 anni. Inizia poi lo studio dell'Astrologia Attiva della scuola di Ciro Discepolo che gli ha dato la possibilità di diventare esperto del grande strumento che sono le RSM.
Sebastiano Leonardi afferma: “L'Astrologia è come quel sale che entra a far parte di qualunque alimento dolce o salato; l'Astrologia puo' e deve aiutare l'uomo a capire se stesso. La vita si vive “qui ed ora” e solo agendo consapevolmente si puo' migliorare il futuro; pertanto le RSM sono strumento di vita e di evoluzione.”
Si occupa, oltre che del calcolo RSM anche di Astrocartografia e della ricerca affascinante sulle valenze che hanno i nuovi pianeti (pianeti nani) scoperti dopo il 2001.

Il piatto forte è rappresentato dalla sua passione per risolvere la rivoluzione solare “impossibile” per far ciò utilizza una buona collezione di cartine geografiche, esperto in percorsi fuoristradistici e nella tecnica GPS per la localizzazione delle coordinate esatte. Puo' quindi fornire utili indicazioni (e stralci di cartine) quando non si riesca a localizzare una rivoluzione solare in un aeroporto o in una grande città.

Pratica le RSM “al millimetro”: la sua RSM 2012? In 4x4 su un vulcano! Sempre per ottenere il massimo da una RSM

Sebastiano Leonardi born in Catania in 1959 and lives in Syracuse.

Enthusiast from an early age of scientific and technical subjects. "Discovers" astrology at the age of 20 years. Then begins the study of Active Astrology by Ciro Discepolo school who gave him the opportunity to become expert in the great tool that is ASR.
Sebastiano Leonardi says: "Astrology is like the salt that becomes part of any food sweet or savory, astrology can 'and must help man to understand himself. The life you live "here and now" and only by acting consciously you can 'improve the future, so the ASR tool life and evolution. "
It deals, as well as the calculation of ASR also Astrocartography and fascinating research on values that have planets (dwarf planets) discovered after 2001.

The highlight is its passion to solve the solar revolution "impossible" to do so using a good collection of maps, expert out-road routes and GPS technology to locate the exact coordinates. Can 'therefore provide useful information (and excerpts of maps) when you are unable to locate a solar revolution in an airport or in a big city.

Practice the RSM "millimeter": his RSM 2012? 4x4 on a volcano! Always get the most out of an ASR

For Mosca and Russia:

Kateryna Novikova (per amici Katia) – musicista, insegnante, interprete, astrologa.

Nata in Russia, a Vladivostok, il 25 maggio del 1975 alle ore 18.35.
Sono cresciuta in Ucraina e dal 1999 vivo in Italia, a Roma. La musica è stata sempre presente nella mia vita. Ho iniziato con la Scuola Musicale, proseguendo con la facoltà di pianoforte del Conservatorio, l'Accademia Musicale Nazionale dell'Ucraina (Kiev), il Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia e Arts Academy di Roma (Maestro Konstantin Bogino). Ufficialmente ho studiato per 19 anni, mi sono diplomata come pianista solista, accompagnatore, artista di musica da camera e insegnante, ho vinto diversi Concorsi Pianistici Internazionali. Ho maturato 20 anni di esperienza pedagogica. Svolgo lavoro dell’interprete e traduttrice dal 2000. In qualità di guida e interprete russa ho collaborato con vari enti governativi italiani, come la Presidenza del Consiglio, Camera dei Deputati, Corte Costituzionale, il Ministero degli Affari Esteri.
Al Conservatorio ho studiato con entusiasmo letteratura, filosofia, psicologia, pedagogia, storia dell'arte. Ma dietro a tutto questo c’era anche qualcos'altro. Sono stata sempre affascinata dal mondo dei simboli. Leggevo le carte alle mie amiche. Ancora dai tempi di scuola i consulti del genere sono diventati una piacevole abitudine. Ero molto curiosa di guardare nel futuro, leggere i simboli, interpretarli e prevedere eventi futuri. Ma poi ho cominciato a riflettere su quanto il nostro futuro è veramente predeterminato e se possiamo cambiarlo. Allora mi sono interessata dei segreti della psiche umana, del subconscio, ho cominciato a cercare i mezzi per sviluppare il nostro potenziale innato. Questo inevitabilmente mi ha portato alla filosofia orientale e yoga, allo studio di varie psicotecniche, alla previsione con Tarocchi e l'I Ching.
Ho cominciato a studiare Astrologia a Kiev nel 1995. Astrologia mi ha colpito subito con la ricchezza e profondità dei simboli, con la sua “musicalità”, diventando la mia passione principale. Ero molto entusiasmata di scoprire che il tema natale dà una descrizione accuratissima del ritratto psicologico di una persona e del nostro potenziale della realizzazione nella vita. Ma l'abbondanza delle interpretazioni esoteriche, la Luna Bianca e Nera, i punti arabi, i Nodi Lunari, la "fatalità" del mio oroscopo, e altre cose del genere mi hanno reso diffidente, e mi hanno costretto di allontanarmi dalla scuola astrologica di Kiev, che era molto alla moda a quelli tempi.
Sono stata molto fortunata perché trasferendomi in Italia nel 1999 ho potuto conoscere Astrologia Attiva. Gradualmente, studiando sui libri di Ciro Discepolo, ho scoperto la vera Astrologia, senza minima impurità esoterica. "Nuova guida all’astrologia" di Ciro Discepolo e libro del suo maestro André Barbault "Trattato pratico di astrologia" mi hanno aiutato di valutare il tema natale in un modo per me nuovo. I termini "la tastiera dei simboli" e "dominante" mi hanno fatto capire chiaramente che in questa scuola Astrologia è elevata al rango di Arte. Le tecniche di esorcizzazione dei simboli e Rivoluzioni Solari Mirate si sono rivelati esattamente quelli che cercavo da molti anni: uno strumento efficace e potente per migliorare la nostra vita. Cosa potrebbe esserci di meglio che rivolgere la forza dei pianeti dalla nostra parte, venire incontro ai simboli e utilizzarli in modo costruttivo, pianificare il proprio futuro, evitando potenziali problemi e aumentando le possibilità di successo in amore, lavoro, denaro o in crescita personale?
Anno dopo anno ho verificato che il metodo di lettura delle Rivoluzioni Solari di Ciro Discepolo funziona. Tutte le previsioni si avveravano con una precisione sorprendente, sia per me stessa, sia per i miei parenti, amici, conoscenti, consultanti. Io non credo mai a tutto quello che si scrive in innumerevoli libri di astrologia. Ma se provo una Tecnica, e questa funziona in modo ineccepibile, allora la adopero sempre. Ecco perché oggi non posso immaginare la mia vita senza viaggio del compleanno mirato ed ogni mio consulto astrologico prevede la determinazione della rilocazione migliore per soggetto e consiglio sulla Rivoluzione Solare Mirata. Secondo me ogni astrologo che si rispetti dovrebbe prendere esempio da Ciro Discepolo. Il modo in cui lui costruisce la propria vita con i viaggi delle Rivoluzioni Solari e Lunari Mirate sembra un lavoro virtuosistico del Direttore dell’Orchestra Sinfonica astrale! Nei suoi libri troviamo tantissime scoperte per quanto riguarda interpretazione del tema natale, sinastria, astrologia medica, astrogeografia, la datazione degli eventi, reale controllo del nostro destino con l'aiuto dell'Astrologia. La testimonianza principale di questo è il libro "Revisione dell’Astrologia", unico nel suo genere, dove Ciro Discepolo in circa 200 pagine espone quello che è riuscito a scoprire di nuovo in Astrologia. Tutto questo è stato possibile solo perché Ciro Discepolo ogni giorno aiutava alle persone, si impegnava a fare le ricerche astrologiche e non ha mai perso tempo per fare delle previsioni assurde “mensili e annuali per i segni solari”. Ecco perché sono orgogliosa di appartenere a questa grande famiglia di AA, comunità di persone buone, belle e intelligenti che stanno costruendo attivamente il proprio destino e aiutano a migliorare la vita del prossimo.
Già da diversi anni molti dei miei consultanti provenienti dalla Russia partono per i compleanni mirati. Sono studenti, casalinghe, imprenditori, pensionate molto attive. Però mi piacerebbe tanto di far conoscere la scuola di Astrologia Attiva a tutte le persone che amano e studiano Astrologia. Per questa ragione sono immensamente felice che Maestro Ciro Discepolo mi ha dato la possibilità di tradurre in russo "Nuovo Trattato delle Rivoluzioni Solari" e "Transiti e Rivoluzioni Solari". Questi libri fondamentali per lo studio delle Rivoluzioni Solari indubbiamente presentano un contributo sostanziale nello sviluppo del Astrologia in Russia e aiuteranno a migliorare la vita di molte persone.


  For Costiera Sorrentina:


Francesco Di Monda


Nato nel 1959, mi interesso di astrologia dal 1986. 

Nel 1988 mi sono diplomato al C.I.N. di Napoli, formandomi soprattutto sui libri di Ciro Discepolo, Lisa Morpurgo e André Barbault, per approdare a fine anni '90 alla eccezionale realtà della Astrologia Attiva e dei compleanni mirati.

Inoltre mi occupo di astrologia di relazione e di coppia, e sono disponibile per lezioni sulla "materia".

Mi interesso anche di psicologia e di evoluzione personale e interiore, ma sempre considerandone l'astrologia, e l'astrologia "attiva", uno strumento straordinario e fondamentale! 


cell.: 347 3915264

mail: "





For Firenze:


Francesca Mola

Nata il 05/12/1945 a Caserta


Astrologa Umanista e Counselor Gestaltica, convinta sostenitrice della capacità di evoluzione e crescita che ha l’essere umano utilizzando il Consulto Astrologico, supportato dalle tecniche del Counseling ed anche attraverso le varie possibilità che l’Astrologia Attiva guidata offre, in particolare con la pratica delle Rivoluzioni Solari e Lunari Mirate.

Conduco, da oltre un decennio, il gruppo “Lo Specchio Astrologico” che,  con un mio  protocollo di lavoro da me ideato ed applicato,  rendo i partecipanti  consapevoli delle  problematiche che stanno vivendo e delle risorse a cui possono attingere già presenti in loro stessi  con una tecnica che coinvolge tutta la mia conoscenza di Astrologia, di Counseling, delle Costellazioni Familiari (B. Hellingher) e di molte altre discipline.


Formazione ed esperienze


Fiorentina di adozione, fin dalla nascita Tutti gli studi compiuti a Firenze.

Esperienze lavorative in ambito della moda e della comunicazione televisiva.

Appassionata di Astrologia da sempre e delle dinamiche che sottendono ai rapporti interpersonali ho fatto esperienze e seguito corsi  e seminari con l’astrologo Alessandro Benassai a Firenze , già dagli anni 70.

Negli anni 80 ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare Ciro Discepolo, che mi ha fatto scoprire ed introdotto nella visione di un’ Astrologia Dinamica ed Attiva, nell’esorcizzazione dei simboli, ma soprattutto mi ha insegnato il significato, il calcolo e la determinazione delle Rivoluzioni Solari Mirate,” chiavi per vivere meglio e per aiutare gli altri a vivere meglio”( Ciro Discepolo)

Agli inizi del 2000 ho seguito il Master Europeo triennale presso l’ASPIC- Scuola Superiore Europea  di Counseling Professionale, conseguendone il Diploma Internazionale di “ Agevolatore nella Relazione d’Aiuto” e Tecnico Socio-assistenziale individuale e di gruppo.

Contemporaneamente ho approfondito le mie dinamiche personali, partecipando a percorsi di psicoterapia e a gruppi condotti dal prof. Edoardo Giusti, Claudia  Montanari e prof. Giuseppe Donadio.

Ho studiato e partecipato a gruppi  e ritiri di Costellazioni Familiari con BerthHellinger e  Dietrich Welt.

Relatrice in svariati seminari ( ASPIC – Lions) di Astro-Counseling.

Nella mia visione olistica dell’essere umano e della sua possibilità di modificarsi ed evolversi ho sperimentato personalmente l’efficacia dei Fiori di Bach, dei quali ne ho studiato la funzionalità e la validità del loro impiego  soprattutto nei periodi di transiti astrologici complessi.

Cell: 338 56 36 734




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